Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Last Wrap Party Pics! I swear!

Even, more, more, MORE Wrap Party Pics

Even MORE Wrap party Pics!!!

More Wrap Party Pics!

A Vampyre Story Wrap Party!

Hi Autumn Moon Fans!

Ok I don’t blog much because I can’t type, I have dyslexia so I can’t spell, I’m lazy and our last blog was too tough for me  to update the way it was set up. So I decided just to use blog spot. What the heck! It’s easy and fast.

                We had our A Vampyre Story wrap party on November 1st 2008, at Pacific House, out at a cool retreat on the cliffs of Bolinas, California, called Common Weal.  http://www.commonweal.org/ . Thank you good folks at Common Weal, and Claire Hearte, my step mother, Sherry Buncich, my step sister, Howard Dillon and everyone else who did all the great food, and deserts. They even made me a killer birthday cake!  My mother, Debbie Sabino, my step father, Jerry Sabino, and my sister, Catherine Tiller brought the drinks and decorated the place, even making papier-mâché ghosts and ghouls. Thanks guys!

The Pacific House at Common Weal is an old hotel turned into a retreat for cancer patients, surrounded by creepy pine trees, spectral fog and the ominous sound of relentless surf. It was a perfect location! And to top it off it was really stormy! Some people couldn’t make it because it was so stormy and a few, like our Lead Animator Jimmy Alameda and his wife drove right past it and never found the party! Sorry Jimmy!

                It was the night after Halloween and my birthday, so mad eit a costume party, and we invited the good folks from Mysteries for Hire  http://www.mysteriesforhire.com/ to perform a murder mystery that night. Jeremy Kroener runs this talented group and also does the voice of Froderick in A Vampyre Story. His wife and all his actors did a great job, though  I wish I hadn’t been so drunk so I could have actually tried to follow what was going on. I was so stressed out from the previous eight  weeks of crunch time, with all the last minute fires,  and bug fixes that I needed to get really, really drunk. I garbed the first bottle of Champaign I saw and held on to till 4 am. After I realized I couldn’t form words correctly I decided to stumble up to bed. Also I was afraid Maria Bowen, one of illustrators, and the inspiration for Mona’ character design, might dance with me again, and crush my spine or possibly break a few of my ribs.

                In addition to my family, and Autumn Mooners, Bay Area Sound  http://www.basound.com/pages/home.html and Munky Fun http://www.munkyfun.com/ made it all the way out that stormy night to party and celebrate our first game finally getting done. Both companies did awesome jobs and turned our armature game into a professional one.

                I just want to share some of the pictures I took that night with you all. Forgive the composition and focus,- like I said I was drunk on Champaign. Enjoy!